Full time  undergraduates* of our  affiliate colleges and universities can join and have the same benefits as all other Members—and for just $300 per membership year!

Club membership provides a ready setting for social and profession–related networking. This is especially the case over the summer when the Club can help undergrads foster better relationships with alumni as well their collegiate peers, while also reaping other membership benefits, such as access to our 150+ Reciprocal clubs, a congenial setting for end-of-the-workday conversation, and access to our well-equipped Gym (included in membership cost).

To apply for membership, please fill out our application form. If you have any questions, please be encouraged to write or call 212-697-5300.

*Undergraduates must be 21 or older+.

Under 21” Palestra Fitness Center Membership

This membership is available to full-time Williams or Affiliate school students under age 21.  Membership is for the Palestra Fitness Center only.  Membership is from May 1 to August 31.  This costs a flat $150 plus sales tax.

To join as a summer member or “Under 21’ Palestra member, please request an application from

Graduate Students

Whether you are seeking a quiet place to read that is also a pleasant setting to chat with graduate school friends and colleagues; an elegant space to meet with prospective employers; or simply a familiar spot to get away to and relax over a drink, the Club offers outstanding value for grad students. Further, our Reciprocal Club program provides an amazing array of 150+ private clubs for our members’ personal pleasure that might also be of help in professional pursuits.

Anyone 21-24 years old has their Initiation fee waived.  Any full time Grad student 25 years and older also has their Initiation fee waived.

When submitting your application, please bring your Grad student status to our attention.