Special Interest Groups

Women in Business Club

The goal of this group is to assist women in meeting their professional goals through exploring business issues, using problem-solving techniques, and making introductions. For more information, contact Dorothy Nickelson, C’02 at dorothynickelson@comcast.net

Bulls & Bears and Hedge Fund Investment Club

Those interested in the capital markets, stock and bond investment on a global basis or hedge funds are invited to join. For more information, contact Dorothy Nickelson, C’02 at dorothynickelson@comcast.net

Volunteer Service Club

The Volunteer Service Society brings together members to participate in service-oriented activities that improve the New York City community. For more information, contact Dean Hrozenchik at dhrozenchik.alpfa@gmail.com

Adaptive Sports and Veterans Club

Our society’s mission and goal is to promote and advance adaptive sports in the US and around the globe. From Prince Harry’s Invictus Games and the DoD’s Warrior Games, which actively foster elite athletic competition within the military adaptive sports community, as well as partnering with the Achilles International organization and the Paralympics in order to further promote adaptive sports for elite adaptive athletes and their support/training network, we strive to continuously elevate elite adaptive sports competition. Our past events include holding a fundraiser for Prince Harry’s Invictus Games partnering with the NFL and Pro Football Hall of Fame, assisting in the initial preparation for the DoD’s Warrior Games in San Antonio, as well as holding adaptive sports discussion panels with elite Paralympians. We look forward to engaging you in this rapidly growing and exciting field of sports. For more information, contact Gene Wu at gene.wu@outlook.com

Technology Club

A social and professional community passionate about how technology is shaping our world. Functional interests in making a difference in the fields of engineering, emerging technologies, business, finance, entrepreneurship, policy, law, arts, and media between Silicon Valley and the East Coast and beyond. For more information on the society, contact Diora Bradford at xsdiora@protonmail.com

Crypto Club

Whether you are experienced & knee-deep in web 3, or just generally crypto-curious, we welcome all Penn alums to join the club to learn and exchange knowledge on all things web 3 & crypto over food & drinks! We will also plan to have different in-person sessions on everything from Layer 1s and Eth 2.0, to NFTs, gaming, DeFi, and DAOs!
For more information, please get in touch with Edwina Yeo at edwina@supermomos.com!

If a member would like to create their own society, they can reach out to the Club to explore its creation and promotion.