Social Networking

Clubhouse Connections

Clubhouse connections are special interest groups who meet regularly. As a member, you are invited and encouraged to join any existing group!

Career Networking for Women

June 10, 6:00PM
Contact: Elizabeth Hodur

Military Group

Contact: Gene Wu

Health and Wellness Group

Contact: Joyce Madee

Fracophiles Rendevous

Contact: Alessandra Gagliardi

Seniors Wednesday Luncheon

September 4, 12:00PM
October 2, 12:00PM
November 6, 12:00PM
Contact: Robert Phillips or Elizabeth Bresciani
Email: or
Call: 917.328.0660 (Elizabeth Bresciani)
Looking for new members!
Contact Programs: 212.596.1263

Book Club

September 12, 6:30PM
D-Day: June 16, 1944 – The Climactic Battle of WWII by Stephen E. Ambrose
October 17, 6:30PM
Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton
November 21, 6:30
John Marshall by Richard Brookheiser
Contact: Jill Hurwitz or Janette Cooke
Email: or

Bridge Group Meeting

Looking for new players! Please feel free to reach out to Sandy if you’re interested in joining.
Contact: Sandy Kazlow
Call: 646.406.1947