Social Networking

Clubhouse Connections

Clubhouse connections are special interest groups who meet regularly.  As a member, you are invited and encouraged to join any existing group! These groups typically meet once per month.  Please check our online events calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

Career Networking for Women

Contact: Elizabeth Hodur

Military Group

Contact: Gene Wu

Health and Wellness Group

Contact: Joyce Madee

Fracophiles Rendevous

Contact: Alessandra Gagliardi

Seniors Wednesday Luncheon

Contact: Robert Phillips or Elizabeth Bresciani
Email: or
Phone: 917.328.0660 (Elizabeth Bresciani)

Book Club

Contact: Jill Hurwitz or Janette Cooke
Email: or

Bridge Group Meeting

Contact: Sandy Kazlow
Phone: 646.406.1947

Gen X Social

No reservations are required! Check Events Calendar for dates.

Senior Alumni Committee

Contact: Robert Phillips

Young Alumni Committee

Contact: John Murphy