Senior Moments: Getting Old & Staying Happy

Title: Senior Moments: Getting Old & Staying Happy
Description: Senior Moments: Getting Old & Staying Happy
with Willard Spiegelman, Williams ’66

Date: Tuesday, November 29
Wine Reception: 6:30PM
Lecture: 7:00PM
Cost: Free for Club members; $15 for guests

Drawing on more than six decades’ worth of lessons from his storied career as a writer and professor, Willard Spiegelman reflects with candid humor and sophistication on growing old in his new book Senior Moments: Looking Back, Looking Ahead. Spiegelman’s expertly crafted book considers, with wisdom and elegance, how to be alert to the joys that brim from unexpected places even as death draws near. Senior Moments is a foray into the felicity and follies that age brings; a consideration of how and what one reads or rereads in late adulthood; and the eagerness for, and disappointment in, long-awaited reunions at which the past comes alive in the present.

Dr. Willard Spiegelman ’66 is a Duwain E. Hughes Jr. Distinguished Professor of English at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. He earned his A.B. degree from Williams College magna cum laude with highest honors in English. He did graduate work at Harvard, where he held Woodrow Wilson and Danforth fellowships, and earned an A.M. and a Ph.D.

The Princeton Club of New York and the Williams Club proudly co-sponsor this event.
Date: 2016-11-29