Request a Letter of Introduction

Use the form below to request a Letter of Introduction.  Make your request BEFORE contacting the Reciprocal Club to make a facilities reservation, & be sure to include the date range within which your Club use is likely to occur.  When you click SUBMIT, an email with your request will be sent to The Williams Club and your letter will be faxed directly to the host club.  Please allow approximately 48 hours for the request to be filled and note that requests are not processed on weekends or holidays.  It is recommended that requests for international clubs are placed a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your arrival date.

Note: This form is not a reservation request form. Letters of Introduction are only used for verification of your membership in The Williams Club and eligibility to access reciprocal club facilities. To use this form, you must fill in each item. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

Request letter of intro