Reciprocal Clubs

About Reciprocal Clubs

Our Members enjoy the benefit of the use of  over 150 Reciprocal Clubs around the country and abroad. These are other private clubs, like our own, where our Club members are welcome to use the facilities.  Learn more about the experience by reading these Club member testimonials.

Please note that all charges incurred at reciprocal clubs must be settled prior to your departure from the host club.  Charges at Reciprocal Clubs cannot be applied to your Penn Club account.

If you have any questions regarding any of the clubs included in our network, we encourage you to contact that particular club directly as they will be able to provide you with the most accurate information on their facilities and policies.  

In some cases, a Reciprocal Club might be unaware of the Williams Club’s status “in residence” at The Penn Club.  If you speak to a Reciprocal Club representative who claims to not recognize reciprocity with the Williams Club, you should inform or remind them that all Williams Club members are also members of the Penn Club, with full access to all membership benefits. If there appears to be any remaining issue, please be in touch with the Williams Club’s Director, Dale Riehl.

Generally speaking, Members should not use a Reciprocal Club that is within 50 miles of their residence/business. The simple reason is arbitrage: our Member should join their local club directly. However, since each club sets it own policies, it may very well be that it would be appropriate for our Members to make use of some/all of their local club’s facilities. It is best that our Members takes this up with the local club’s general manager.


Helpful Tips for Visiting Reciprocal Clubs


Be sure to ask what the host club’s policy is on cancellations when booking


If the club does not have overnight accommodations, it is often worth asking if they have a special arrangement with any local hotels


Be aware that our Members can typically generate multiple letters of introduction (LOI) for a given club over the course of the year. All clubs set a maximum time frame for each LOI. In most cases these can be for 2 to 4 weeks, with each club setting its own rule.


Letters of Introduction (LOI) Instructions

When a Member of the Penn Club wishes to use a reciprocal club, a LOI to that club must be generated. Our Members can set in motion their own Letters of Introduction via the Penn Club’s highly recommended app.  The best way to do this is via the Penn Club’s phone app.

After logging into the app, look for the “Reciprocal Directory” under the “Stay Connected”. You will then see a list of all our reciprocal clubs. Click on the one(s) you want (this has to be done one at a time) and then you will see a blurb at the bottom, “Request a Letter of Introduction” and go from there. You will receive an emailed letter, the reciprocal club will receive one – and so will the Penn Club. This letter of introduction is conditional on the member’s Penn Club account status (i.e no restriction currently applies) and their conduct while at another facility.