Parents and Families



At the Williams Club, we appreciate the important roles that families play in both their students’  education and in their respective college communities.  Thus, we are proud to offer membership to families of club members from all of our affiliate college and universities.  Membership is a great way to connect through this shared college environment while also gaining access to the Club’s services, facilities, events, and Reciprocal Clubs. You will also get to enjoy the company of other students’ family members as an added and potentially precious benefit.

The immediate family of an affiliate school alum can join, which is inclusive of parent, uncle, aunt, grandparent, sibling, nephew/niece, child, and grandchild. The membership cost is calculated on the same basis as any other membership.

To apply for membership, please fill out our application form; sign; & return as scan-to-email or as a photo, or mail c/o Applications. If you have any questions, please be encouraged to write or call (212-697-5300).

Spouses/Life Partners

Naturally we encourage spouse/life partners of members to join the club.  This allows them to access the Club and its resources without the Member being present.  This full membership costs $450 per membership year and initiation fees are waived.