Membership Costs

Please fill out the form below to receive an estimate of your annualized membership dues and initiation.  Initiation and dues must be paid in full at the start of membership.  Dues are paid annually at the start of the Club year.  The Club year runs from July 1 to June 30.   Anyone joining over the course of that year is discounted by the whole month (for example, someone joining in August will pay 11/12 of annual dues). Initiation is a one time fee and fees for spousal/life partner category as well as full time undergrads 21-24 and full time grad students are excluded.

Membership costs depend on your distance from the Club, your age, and whether you are a student, a spouse of a member, or a faculty/staff member of an affiliate school.  There are four distance categories: living or working in New York City; within 50 miles of the Penn Club; more than 50 miles away; or outside the United States.

In addition with our Refer-a-Friend Program, if any member refers a joining member, whose in a category that pays initiation fee, each receive $100 in house credit. To receive this benefit, the joining member should list the referring member on the application.

Google Maps and Mapquest are used to determine whether you live within or outside a 50 mile radius from the Club.

Email for more information. If you would like to receive timely emails and more information about the Williams Club’s events and related news, please fill out the Membership Inquiry Form at this link.

Membership Costs
Special Categories