As international members, we continue to use the benefits of reciprocal clubs, in London, Honolulu, and in Providence, RI, while our son was at Brown. We’ve dined and overnighted a few times already in New York and several things impress us. First off, overnighting at the club is less expensive than comparable fine hotels in the City and the annual fee is paid back after just a few stays. The inviting and competent staff; good food in the classic downstairs grill room that reminds us of the old Rathskeller at our former eponymous clubhouse; spotless, modern, & cozy hotel rooms; the spacious gym (with skyline views), and the cushy living room, all are positives.

Hi Dale, The club is great. I have been there several times. I have utilized the gym a few times, which is clean, not crowded and an excellent selection of the equipment needed for a quick workout. Easy to check in, professional, and courteous personnel. I have hosted lunch twice at the club and one dinner. Both were great experiences, with excellent service and choices for all.

Not sure if this is a testimonial per se, but so far have really enjoyed the dining facilities. The food and service are far superior to the Princeton Club. Much friendlier people. I’m usually in the Grill Room for lunch at least twice a week.

FYI we went to MacBeth last week and stayed the night at the Penn Club. Very classy room. Wonderfully friendly and helpful staff. And a great bar that was open when we got back from the play. Same venue for an opulent and low cost continental breakfast. Plus, we were headed for the airport a couple hours later and spent the time in the charming Library, as depicted. Use my name for a hearty recommendation for any at the open house on the fence re: joining.

We are recent members of the Penn Club. We were welcomed in and enjoyed interacting with the friendly staff and other members. The first-floor library is lovely and the dining room is excellent for entertaining clients in an elegant setting. We also enjoy having a quick bite and cocktail in the downstairs restaurant. We are really looking forward to enjoying all of the amenities when we get a chance.

Hi Dale—I have stayed a few times. It was great!

My wife and I had a very pleasant stay at the PENN Club in May. We were struck by the excellent service from all PENN Club team members. This is an illustration: the Sunday before we left Seattle for New York City the main desk staff called to confirm our visit and our transportation from the airport to the Club. At the end of the call she said, "Please tell Mrs. Dunn Happy Mother's Day." Can't get better than that. Add to the great service the wonderful location on West 44th street and good food and we knew we had a much improved Williams Club. Thank you Dale and the Williams Club team for working out this new arrangement.

We are thrilled with the club. We enjoyed a 2 night stay in mid May. Guest rooms are very nice, Grill Room was great and the staff are unbelievably friendly and welcoming. We enjoyed so much we have booked 2 nights at Thanksgiving and 2 nights at Christmas. We have encouraged other BC as well as Penn alumni that we are friendly with to consider joining

I’ve been really impressed by the engagement of young alumni at the Penn Club since joining. The events I’ve attended have expanded my network in a meaningful way in the past few months. I’ve even gotten a few close friends to join recently as well and am looking forward to attending, and possibly organizing more young-alum focused programming going forward!