Frequently Asked Questions


1. I went to Bowdoin [same question to any other affiliate school].  Will I feel comfortable at the “Williams Club?”

Absolutely.  The entire Club membership is made up of graduates of schools that you are familiar with, and you are likely to already know members or friends of members.  And, of course, alumni of your school who may already be members.

2. I am a recent grad.  Will I find many other younger people & fit in at events?

42% of our Club members are 35 and under.  Our programming/events appeal to all ages, and event attendance demonstrates this.

3. What is the relationship between the Princeton Club and the Williams Club?

The Williams Club was established in 1913, and had its own building on West 39th Street until closing its doors in 2010.  At that point the Club arranged to bring its considerable membership to the Princeton Club, and its special status here is recognized by being “in-residence.”  

This status allows Williams Club members complete access to the Princeton Club’s facilities, member events, and reciprocal clubs.  Williams Club members’ needs are primarily addressed by the Williams Club’s Director, who is always a Williams College graduate.  Alumni of our affiliate schools exclusively can join the Princeton Club facility via the Williams Club.  Lastly, our Club flag flies alongside Princeton’s at the front of the building.

4.  Are Williams Club members treated any differently than Princeton Club members at the Princeton Club facility?

No.  Everyone is treated identically, and all Princeton Club staff are available to Williams Club members just the same as with all other members.

5.  Does being a Williams alum automatically make me a member?

No, but it certainly makes you eligible to apply for membership. 

6.  Can undergrads join?  

Yes, and the cost is just $50 per membership year.

7.  Can faculty/staff join?

Yes, membership is open to faculty and staff of all of our affiliate institutions.  Moreover, we have discounted rates for initiation and membership for members working in education.

8. Can parents join?

Yes.  A parent of an alum can join at the normal rates.  While their child is an  undergraduate and a member, a parent can join at the reduced cost of $615 per membership year, with a greatly reduced initiation fee of $150.

9.  How can I pay for membership?

There are four payment options: cash, check, direct checking account withdrawal via ACH, or debit/credit card.  In the latter-most case, please be aware that the Accounting Department adds a $5.44 administrative fee to each card transaction.  Cash, ACH and checks have no transaction cost. 

10. How are house charges, gym accommodations, etc. paid for?

In just the same way as your membership is paid for, unless members make special arrangements.  Most members who pay via card or direct checking keep that information on file to have their charges automatically billed.  If not, they pay when they receive a monthly paper statement showing accrued charges, as well as instructions on how to remit payment.

11.  Are there any requisite minimum house charges?

Yes there is, but only for members who are 4 or more years out from their undergraduate grad year, and also live or work in the 5 boroughs.  This minimum amount is $50 per quarter to be spent on food and beverage.

12. What is the length of my membership commitment?

Our membership year runs from July 1 – June 30, and membership is a yearly commitment through the end of that period.  So, whenever you activate your account, you are committing to membership until the following June 30.  At that point a new membership year will begin, and members who choose to keep their accounts active will be committing to the next full year of membership.

13. Can I suspend my account at any time?

We do not offer a formal option for suspending a membership account for a temporary period of time.  If, however, you do decide at any point to resign your account, you will have 2 years following that date in which you may reinstate your membership without incurring an initiation fee.  After that point, reactivating a membership will be a subject to a reinstatement fee which is calculated as 50% of whatever initiation fee would typically apply.

14.  Can I add gym membership at the same time that I sign up for Club membership?

No.  But as soon as you receive your membership card, you can present it at the Athletics/squash desk, and the staffer there can set you up in a few moments.

15.  Can I just join the gym without becoming a Club member?   


16.  Can members bring guests to the Club?

Yes, if a member is visiting the Club for dining, events, or any other reason, they are welcome to bring guests with them.  Please note that only members can pay for meals and beverages. 

Additionally, members are free at any time to sponsor guests who wish to visit the Club on their own.  If you have friends, family, colleagues, etc., who are visiting NYC and would like to make use of our overnight rooms or any other facilities, all you need to do is let us know.  We’ll then create a guest account, complete with membership card, for that guest during the specified time range of their visit, granting them access to the Club’s facilities and services.  Please click here for full details regarding our guest policy.

17.  Are there any special categories of membership?

No, everyone is treated the same, and all Club members enjoy full access to all of the services, facilities, programs, and reciprocal clubs involved with membership.  Membership costs vary based on undergraduate class year; residence & workplace location; and a number of possible discount criteria, but the benefits included with membership are the same for all members.

18.  Why don’t you quote membership costs on the web site?

Unfortunately, there are some 66 different dues categories, and in our experience it is easy for there to be misinterpretations of membership costs. The best way to get a quote on membership is to contact us directly, or fill out an online membership application.  The application does not require any up-front payment; once received, we will respond with dues information and next steps.

19.  Can spouses make use of the Club without their mate’s presence?  Is there a special spousal membership?

Generally speaking, non-member spouses need to be accompanied by their spouse when visiting the Club, and charges for food & beverages can only be made by the member.

Spouses can become full members at a cost of only $160 per year.

19.  What is the Club’s dress code?

Smart Casual Attire is required throughout the Clubhouse. 

For men, Smart Casual includes collared shirts, dress shirts, button downs, golf shirts, turtlenecks or sweaters, blazers or sport jackets, tailored trousers, denim jeans, and loafers or lace-up shoes with socks. Hats are not permitted in the Club.

For women, Smart Casual includes collared shirts or blouses, turtlenecks, sweaters, skirts or tailored pants, denim jeans, and flats, pumps, boots or dress sandals. Fashion hats or head coverings are permitted.

Relaxed Casual Attire is permitted through the clubhouse only during the Memorial Day thru Labor Day holiday time period on weekends only; starting at 5:00 pm on Fridays. Acceptable “Relaxed Casual Attire” is only allowed on the A-Level and Squash & Fitness Center. It provides for the wearing of knee length shorts and athletic shoes. This attire is allowed in the Clubhouse, with the exception of Nassau 1756, Members’ Lounge and Library.

Inappropriate attire includes but is not limited to: torn or frayed denim jeans, shorts, tee shirts (sleeveless shirts, tank tops, halter tops, crop tops), sandals (beach sandals, Birkenstocks, flip flops), athletic wear of any kind (sweatshirts, rugby shirts, sweatpants, jogging suits, spandex, lycra, sneakers, athletic shoes or caps), torn clothing (clothing with holes or frayed ends), clothing with offensive or profane language, and excessively revealing clothing. Exception is when members and guests are going directly to the overnight rooms or athletic floors.

Nassau 1756 (Dining Room): Jacket required. Casual Attire for men with tie optional. Comparable attire for ladies.