Yankee Ticket Lottery

Baseball season is here! And that means that Yankees Tickets are now available to Williams Club Members.

The Williams Club has secured 12 seats for 16 games throughout the season, including 13 Saturday games and 3 weekday games. The seats are located in section 409, located up from the first-base area. To see a view of the stadium and our seats, click here.

Tickets for the Boston Red Sox games ( 4/12, 6/28, 9/3) are $50 each with a maximum of 2 tickets per membership account per game. All other tickets are $25 each with a maximum of 6 tickets per membership account per game. Tickets will be available at a first come, first serve basis, and can be picked up at The Club or mailed to an address provided.  The cost for tickets will be placed on members’ accounts as a house charge, unless alternate payment method is requested. This opportunity is for members only.

The Club has tickets to the following games:

  • 4/12 vs. Boston Red Sox (Saturday, 1:05 pm)
  • 4/26 vs. Los Angeles Angels (Saturday, 1:05 pm)
  • 5/3 vs. Tampa Bay Rays (Saturday, 1:05 pm)
  • 5/17 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (Saturday, 4:05 pm)
  • 5/31 vs. Minnesota Twins (Saturday, 1:05 pm)
  • 6/21 vs. Baltimore Orioles (Saturday, 1:05 pm)
  • 6/28 vs. Boston Red Sox (Saturday, 7:15 pm)
  • 6/30 vs. Tampa Bay Rays (Monday, 7:05 pm)
  • 7/19 vs. Cincinnati Reds (Saturday, 1:05 pm)
  • 7/26 vs. Toronto Blue Jays (Saturday, 1:05 pm)
  • 8/4 vs. Detroit Tigers (Monday, 7:05 pm)
  • 8/9 vs. Cleveland Indians (Saturday, 1:05 pm)
  • 8/23 vs. Chicago White Sox (Saturday, 1:05 pm)
  • 9/3 vs. Boston Red Sox (Wednesday, 7:05 pm)
  • 9/6 vs. Kansas City Royals (Saturday, 4:05 pm)
  • 9/20 vs. Toronto Blue Jays (Saturday, time TBD)

Click here to fill out our online ticket request form.  Go Yankees!