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To the Taconic Golf Club Membership Committee:
I wish to apply for Williams Club Affiliate Membership to the Taconic Golf Club

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By signing this application, I hereby certify that I am a member of the Williams Club and I do
not have substantial use of a residence within 50 miles of Taconic Golf Club.

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2017 Non-Resident Alum* Membership Fees
Williams Club/Williams Alum: $645
Williams Club/Non-Williams Alum: $1350
Note: regular non-resident rate for unaffiliated individuals: $1928

Daily Greens Fee Options:
Williams Club/Williams Alum: $85 w/cart
Williams Club/Non-Williams Alum: $110 w/cart
Note: Unaffiliated daily greens fee: $160

*Non-Resident status applies to members living outside a 50+ mile radius of the golf course.