Special Offers


Read on for special membership offers and reduced membership categories.   To apply, simply fill out our online application form.

Undergraduate Students

   Cost : $50

Current undergraduates (classes of 2020, 2021, 2022, & 2023) are eligible to join the Club using our special “50-50” program.  The cost is just $50 for the remainder of the Club year (through June 30) & the initiation fee is waived.  In addition, you get a $50 credit to your account, which you can use towards a meal, or towards an overnight stay, for example.

To initiate your membership, simply take a minute to fill out our online application form.  Then all we will need is a payment method, which can be a check or credit card.  In the latter case, just call us with the details.

Graduate Students

   Cost: $250

If you’ve already received your undergraduate degree but are continuing your studies, you’ll be pleased to hear that full-time graduate students can join the Williams Club for only $250 a year–and there is no initiation fee!


Living overseas?  Maybe you’d like to have a reliable headquarters in the States when traveling, or to take advantage of the 200+ reciprocal clubs that we maintain affiliations with.  The best part is that you’ll be able to join with significant reductions to your initiation fee and annual dues!

Education, Military, and Clergy

Education faculty and staff, as well as active members of the military and clergy, all enjoy reductions on initiation fee and yearly dues.


A parent of a current undergraduate who is a Club member is eligible to join the Club for only $615 with a $150 initiation fee.  It’s a very special way to connect to your son or daughter’s college while enjoying full access to all of the Club’s services, facilities, events, and reciprocal clubs.

Fill out our online application form today!