Parents: Give the Gift of Membership!

Parents of the Class of 2017:

Congratulations!  Now that your son or daughter has achieved such a tremendous milestone, why not give them a leg up as they look towards the next chapter in their journey?  A Williams Club membership will provide resources to help them make the most out of post-college life: full access to the Clubhouse facilities, our extensive calendar of Club events, our network of over 200 reciprocal clubs worldwide, and much more!

Graduates of the class of 2017 are eligible to apply for membership at the special reduced rate of only $140 for their first post-graduation year, with no initiation fee.  Whether your child is moving on to the City or elsewhere, Williams Club membership will keep them connected to the culture/arts/media/fashion/finance capital of the U.S.

You can use our online application form (click here) to sign up your son or daughter today!

Parents of Current Undergraduates:

The Club can be a meaningful resource to help your child advance their careers & future lives.  Our facilities can aid them in their search for a summer internship in the City, and then provide the setting for exceptional business & social networking opportunities.

Current undergraduates (members of the classes of 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021) are now eligible to join the Club at the special reduced rate of $ 50/year, with no initiation fee, and they will also receive a $ 50 credit that can be used for meals, towards accommodation & more.  You can use our online application form (click here) to sign up your son or daughter today!

Parents are eligible to join too!   Join as the parent of a Williams student that is, or is becoming a member, and you’ll receive all of the membership benefits at the reduced rate of $585/year, and with no initiation fee!  (Please note that this is for one parent; for an additional $ 150, a second parent can be added to the membership). This brochure provides photos & details.