Williams College is proud to have the oldest existing alumni society of any academic institution in the United States. Founded in 1821 when then College President Zephaniah Swift Moore led a group of students over the mountains into the Connecticut Valley to start Amherst College, the Alumni Society was established at a time when many felt the college abandoned. During this crisis, graduates of Williams College came together to form the Alumni Society and protect the future of Williams College.

Continuing the tradition of preserving alumni ties with Williams College, a group of Williams alumni in New York City founded The Williams Club in 1913. Originally located on Madison Avenue between 39th and 40th Streets, The Club served as a place for Williams alumni to convene and socialize. In 1924, The Club relocated to a twin brownstone residence on 39th Street. After nearly a century of serving our extended New York City community from the location on East 39th Street, the Williams Club ceased its own clubhouse and hospitality operations and moved its membership program and related activities to the Princeton Club of New York on June 1, 2010.

Though separate and distinct from the Alumni Society and NYEphs, the regional alumni association, The Williams Club continues to support the mission of Williams College through programming and the nurturing of alumni camaraderie and community.

Board of Governors

President Richard W. von Bargen, Jr. ’99
Vice President Dale Riehl ’72
Treasurer William Beckett ’80
Secretary Paula Moore Tabor ’76
Governors Vernon Manley

Charles Mitchell

Thomas W. Morgan




Board President Emeritus Barton T. Jones ’68